Atos Diversity and Inclusion Expo 2019


Day Two

Gavin Thomson, SVP Private Sector & BDS UK&I - Atos - Introduction

Annette Klimczak, Head of Data Analytics & panel guests - Atos - Diversity Disruption - Women in AI

Christopher Joynson, Digital Transformation Consultant - Atos - The Digital Divide

Gavin Neate, CEO Neatebox - Diversity disruption and Inclusive Service Delivery

Harry Dozier - Race Equality Policy Co-ordinator at the Scottish Government, and a Stonewall Scotland Role Model Julia Atwater - Head of Communications B&PS UK&I - Atos - Understanding intersectionality in the workplace

Herm Trepesch, police sergeant in Surrey Police and chair of its BAME staff association SPACE (Surrey Police Association of Culture and Ethnicity) - Surrey Police: Diversity & Inclusion in the public sector

Shanley Lewis (Good to Me UK), Gabi Lopez, Sales - Atos - Mental Wellbeing - Why is it important and What are we doing at Atos?

Tamsin McCarthy, Business Operations & AtosPride Chair - Atos - Moving from passive to active Allies

Atos network chairs join a panel facilitated by Rachel MacNiven, Lead for Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion UK&I - Atos - Atos Diversity Networks – impact and ambitions

Denise Reed Lamoreaux, Global Chief Diversity Director - Atos - Leading across different generations